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About Eksir Gostar Saba(ISS)

Elixir Gostar Saba Company has started its activity in the field of production of dietary supplements since 2016 in the capital of Iran  and can make a major contribution to the domestic and foreign markets. Elixir Gostar Saba Company, with its increasing expansion and development in the field of production, in addition to dietary supplements, can expand its activities in various fields and obtain production licenses for sport supplements and cooperation with related companies.

These products will enhance your body efficiency. Each of these sports supplements has principles to use that will not cause any problem if you follow them. Therefore, it should be said that supplements have both harms and benefits, so it is better to know the instructions of each supplement so that nothing can threaten your health. The company is trying to promote the culture of proper use of sport supplements among athletes so that athletes are less likely to suffer from the side effects of improper use of these sports supplements. If you follow bodybuilding professionally, then using supplements  to grow your body in a timely manner is one of your major problems. We suggest that you generally need to be in close contact with our company’s experts to  increase your knowledge about supplements.