Ingredients: Malto dextrin, dextrose, L Argenin , sucrose , soccer aloes , citric acid, edible allowed additives .

Direction for use: A measure (50 grams) one to four times a day depended to your body weight and also exercises density and volume, which can be used during or after exercise. Each time please add a measure to 100 to180 m.l of water or juices.

Usage: (carbohydrate iss) an aid to increase the athletes weight, helps to improve promptitude and Perseverance, helps to a speedy recovery after heavy exercises , prevent from blood glucose downfall . and to load glycogen before and after matches and heavy exercises.

*each serving of carbohydrate iss contains 1500 milligram L. argenin and has many properties for the body, such as interference in Santos  and creating nitric acid, NO, improving body safety system, increase the muscle size and an aid to increase  insulin sensitivity and  operation.

Cautions: this product is a dietary complement. It is neither a preventive nor a curative product.

In the periods of pregnancy and lactation, the usage must be under physician consultation.

In case you are using any other drugs, please consult your physician before use.

*usage prohibitions: those who are suffering from metabolic disorders and under 18 years of age, please take a physician consultation.

*Storage: Keep in cool and dry place – keep out of the reach of children.