Ingredients: L glutamine

Direction for use: 5 grams of L.glutamine (iss) exactly after exercise mixed in water and use one measure before going to bed.

 Usage:  L.glutamine (iss), helps to a speedy recovery after exercises, helps to strengthen body safety system where it is weakened for heavy exercises.

*prevention of muscle tissues downfall and increase its anabolic process.

*helps to rebuild damaged tissues after heavy exercises.

*increase the power and size of muscles.

Cautions: this product is a dietary complement. It is neither a preventive nor a curative product.

In the periods of pregnancy and lactation, the usage must be under physician consultation.

In case you are using any other drugs, please consult your physician before use.

*usage prohibitions: those who are suffering from metabolic disorders and under 18 years of age, please take a physician consultation.

*Storage: Keep in cool and dry place – keep out of the reach of children.